Posted: April 11, 2017

Be advised that spring time historically results in transient criminal group related crimes. These crimes are typically a distraction type crime where one person will distract the homeowner outside of the residence while a second person will enter the home and commit a theft.
Typically the persons committing the thefts will pose as PECO employees, tree experts, or driveway sealers. While one is distracting the homeowner the other will enter the home. The homeowner may not discover the theft until a substantial amount of time has past after the suspects have left. Usually, the elderly are the targets of these crimes.

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The Aston Township Police Department provides around the clock emergency services to the residents of Aston Township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The department is comprised of nineteen full time officers, seven part time officers, and two police secretaries who all operate under the leadership of Chief Dan Ruggieri.

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